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How to know you have found your perfect match

You might have been searching for ‘the one’ all your life but how’d you know if you have actually ran into them already? What if this one is ‘the one’? You don’t want to miss out on a perfect companion. If you are a hopeless romantic, we assume you have sixth sense for such stuff but if you have been having a hard luck in love, you should probably go forth and read this article with concentration because we are going to tell you when to answer the door when love knocks. Here goes…

You discover crazy things you love doing together:
It is really hard to find someone you can share your life with, someone who can be partner in all your crimes and support you even in the silliest misadventures. If you have discovered someone who is as crazy and fun-loving as you are, look no more! You have found your perfect match. But there are things everyone likes and if you are basing your judgment on common things like ‘do they like FRIENDS’, then you are making a terrible mistake. Only if you are sure that they can take your ‘swag’ and like all the things that you enjoy doing, you should make yourself fall hopelessly in love.

Your friends like them: Sometimes people go blind in love. They can’t see the faults in the other person- it is a fairyland they live in. But if you are blessed with friends who can make you see right through a person, trust them. If your friends give them a thumbs up, congratulations! You might have hit the jackpot!
Neither of you change the topic when the ‘future’ comes up: If you are in love and you don’t flinch in discussing the future of your relationship in anyway, you can be sure you have them for keeps. It means that you both feel stable and comfortable in the relationship and deep down you know this is a perfect match. On the other hand, if you see them change the topic when you talk of marriage and kids and next year, they still have doubts and may be they are commitment-phobic.
You share ‘everything’ with them: It is hard to find someone so trustworthy and appreciating that you can share everything from your deepest fears to the lamest stories with them. The other reason might be that you are talkative but if you are not such a crackpot, you’ll understand who’s tolerating whom and if there is no need of toleration at all. So even if you’re just walking by a street and you find that there is something your honey should know, you can’ t help texting them or telling them and they send you back their appreciation.
You think in ‘we’ terms: Though your friends might call you crazy for this, it is lovely that you think of ‘we’ first and then ‘I’. This is a sign that you think ‘we’ makes perfect sense and if you’re together, you are stronger. When you are making your life’s toughest decisions, you instantly think how they would affect your relationship and then go forth with them. If you discover your partner thinking the same way, you should know that you are soul mates, the perfect match for each other.
Relationships are tough, they are complicated and the toughest part is finding someone who can make this hard task easier. May be you already have them, may be you are still searching but whatever is your case, love with all your heart. Do open the door when love knocks, because there are some things that are forever. We hope you run into your perfect match and never let go. J


When you know your relationship is going strong, it is better to know if this one is your perfect match or not. The article makes some valid points which would help you quiz yourself if you’ve already ran into your perfect match. If your relationship stands true on all these points, it is time to take the next step.

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