Dating advice for Men

Looking for a partner on the Internet has particular challenges especially for men. They have to present themselves in the world of women in words and pictures, be active and prevail against a huge competition. Feeling good, humour and positive attitude are a start. In addition, however, a sense of commitment to language, sensitivity, and honesty is required. We provide important tips to help men increase their online dating success.

1 Choose the right platform
If you are looking for a solid relationship as a (freshly baked) single, then you should definitely register with a reputed and famous dating or online dating agency. Maybe it’s just a lusty adventure or an affair instead? Then, Casual Dating Platform is the right place to start. Openness gives the right people for online dating. This helps to open the card on the table from the beginning.
2 Show positive attitudes
The profile should radiate positivist. Whoever looks optimistic, witty and cheerful in words and pictures will definitely be a better card for women. Finally, you want to start the next phase of life with a good feeling. Probably all singles of the past have been hurt and hurt. Negative experiences are a part of life. He is a part of it. However, only the person who has actually completed the previous relationship can enter into a new partnership. If this is not the case, it is still too early for online dating. Otherwise: Start afresh with a good mood and spread the desire for life!
3 Create an exciting profile
Well-groomed appearance A clean appearance is a must
In online dating, profile is business card. It should reflect in a compact way who is who and how to tick. These include optics and intrinsic value. Being presented and visually showing the best possible side is a must. Smile is always good! That sounds sympathetic. Women also attach great importance to a well-groomed appearance in men. The pictures taken speak clear language. Therefore, it should be considered carefully, if perhaps a barber’s visit will be announced before the photo shoot. The clothes chosen should emphasize their own merits. The more sympathetic the photos, the more likely the woman is to become acquainted. Also important: Selected photos for dating profiles should always be up-to-date. Read more: Tips for the perfect profile picture
Are self-written profile texts possible? This increases your chances of sharpening your own profile. Texts should stand out for their originality, good spelling and flawless grammar. For hobbies, the list of leisure activities such as hunting, deep sea fishing or football makes little sense. Of course, one should not pretend, but most women are not addressed by these professions. They are not suitable for couples’ activities and joint ventures. Therefore it is better to indicate other interests.
Collective words give very little clue as to whether one fits together. Instead of what is commonly called “sport”, “inline skating”, “swimming” and “running” make more sense. “Instead of Watching Movies” offers “humour” with Ben Stiller and the superhero movies Marvel.
4 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
In our health oriented society, more and more emphasis is placed on sportiness and a healthy way of life and nutrition. Well trained, thin people are clearly at an advantage.
This does not mean that candidates with disabilities, short-stomachs or “bears” have no chance of online dating. Minor weaknesses are quite sympathetic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyway. Once contacted, women are less distressed due to overweight, thin hair, or low income. More then this is that he is affectionate towards children, can listen well and has cute dimples when he smiles.
But everyone should strive for a healthy lifestyle. These include a balanced lifestyle, nutritional awareness, and a healthy work-life balance. Smokers, drinkers and working people have a difficult time.
5 become active
Write the message the first step in the message should be
Although there are women who take the first steps on their own and approach men for a great profile, the rule is not. Therefore it is recommended for men to be active themselves and to send interesting messages to women. One big mistake: Many write meaningless messages, which are sent to a large number of potential candidates. Mailboxes swell in women anyway. You are spoiled for choice. Which then makes them realize that they are one of many shoots. Accordingly, such messages remain unanswered. Better to comment on the details in his profile, comment on a hobby or a picture. Common features are excellent icebreakers. Then you can build the conversation. Read more: Tips for the first message
6 Show genuine interest and allow proximity
Most women want a loving partner who cares and cares about them. Those who want to get to know women online and engage in exciting discussions should be interested in their interests, their profession and their lives. Proximity arises only in a deep posture. If a person remains monosyllabic while composing a message, that does not give much pleasure in communication.
Openness and willingness to communicate are greatly valued by women. This includes that the man also reveals something personal. But beware: Do not fall into the monologue of self-love, arrogance is not well received. It is ideally a give and take. Active listening helps one get out of it. This is sufficient for short comments or short inquiries. Even the controversy is quite positive. If you disagree, that too can be very exciting. You get contour and appear with corners and edges. Important for men: They need to be able to speak or write, to actively listen and to show that they are accessible in disputes.
7 be true to the truth
Dizziness does not help. The truth comes out in the first meeting, anyway. Whoever is more attractive, intelligent and successful in online dating is incredible. This also applies to hobbies and professions. One who likes to snorkel in the local swimming pool or quarry pond is far from being a deep sea diver. And you should not pretend to be a civil engineer if you are actually working as a construction worker. If you are honest, you have a chance to find the right woman for life. Lying does not create a lasting relationship.
Partly, men are also asked for money before dates, allegedly for means of transport or to help women from emergencies. Here’s the rule of thumb: Never pay money in advance. If you are really interested in a date, you will find your way yourself. Further information: Fake profile detection
8 make a date soon
Arrange the first date don’t wait too long with the first date
Everything is going great online. You talk well, exchange hours and exchange quarrelsome news. Perfect. You should not wait to meet in real life for a very long time. That is to know if you really fit together and if the chemistry is right. Women will rarely be pushed to their own accord. He expects the move from men. Sensitivity is needed here. The very loud approach scares and scares. If the man fails to arrange a meeting after the chat contacts, then tension, desire and interest may disappear.

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